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Austen Morris Associates (AMA) is a reputable International Wealth Management Company, regulated by the FSB in South Africa & licensed as Financial Consultants in China & the Philippines. As a leader in independent financial services Austen Morris Associates now serves over 5,000 clients globally.

All of the Consultants and Analysts at Austen Morris Associates are appropriately qualified through a recognized and highly regulated jurisdiction such as the UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa etc

Our dedicated Client Services and Wealth Management Teams are responsible for delivering an unprecedented level of service to each and every client that has employed the services of our company. Our Client Service teams are some of the most experienced and professional managers constantly looking after client’s accounts. Their efficiency and professionalism are unprecedented and we pride ourselves in having one of the best teams in our industry.

All of our clients are provided with a detailed breakdown of any fees and charges that relate to their chosen investment including any relevant technical guides and policy terms and conditions. It is then a requirement for every client to sign a separate form confirming that they have received and read these documents.

Unfortunately there is no way to invest risk free and although we make any risks clear to our clients we understand that it is still disappointing when an investment does not perform in the way that it is expected to. While performance of an investment is not guaranteed many of our 5,000 clients have been able to enjoy impressive growth on their investments which is evident from the testimonies left by genuine clients on the LinkedIn pages of our Consultants.

Should any genuine client wish to reach out to their Consultant, Client Services Manager or a member of the Senior Management, we would like to invite you to visit one of our licensed city center offices or make contact via any of the below details.

Feel free to visit our Consultants LinkedIn profiles to view more satisfied clients testimonials.

Austen Morris Associates

China: +86 21 6390 1233
South Africa:  +27 (0) 11 514 0745
Philippines:  +632 224 1859

My wife and me where *** enough some years ago to trust this company with an investment. Our total investment ended up to around 30.000 euros and today the total value has decreased with more than -70%. They have simply done nothing to improve this or given any useful advices at all even though the markets recent years have gone up.

We regret today very much not saving our money in a normal bank account!

Ok we admit it was stupide of us and we cannot do more now than give our warning to others. Our advice seen in the back marrow is, if approached by someone from this company just simply hang up or if you are on the way to sign an investment plan re think and PULL OUT other vice you risk to be ripped off.

Yes they look professional on their website but believe us their service is terrible and their advices are worth nothing.

One thing we have been wondering about is how a bank like Generali want to be branded with a company like Austen Morris whom is actually just are dealing with fraud.

Our summary,

The WMS service is useless.

Take care and do not invest because this is a company is experts on making nothing with your money just collecting their fee.

The valuation system provides little if any useful information.

They do not seems to have license to sell insurance in China.

Do not trust the information on their website anyone could easily build a site looking professional and they have but it is just a façade for a company trying to rip off people.

Again, beware before investing your money!

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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders is scheduled to release on March 1st.

Buffett once again has the ability to release his letter on a Saturday, which is his preferred release date.

Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders is one of the best read and most highly quoted business documents. Buffett displays great skill in explaining difficult subjects, and he does so with a sense of humor. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway, so he even addresses topics other than the financial results of the company.

Investors are always looking for clues into the thinking process of what he will potentially by next, plus they like to know who is going to lead the Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway once the 83-year-old Buffett finally retires.

Buffett’s shareholder letter will accompany the Berkshire Hathaway annual report as it always does.

to EOM Warren #882247

Warren Buffett didn't become one of the greatest investors of our generation by investing in gold. In fact, he pretty much hates the shiny metal.

Just take a look at part of a speech Buffett gave at Harvard in 1998 when he said of gold:

"(It) gets dug out of the ground in Africa or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head."

Buffett just doesn't get what all the fuss is about when it comes to gold.

The way he sees it, the value of gold is nothing more than our stubborn willingness to protect its value.

However, that's not the worst part of gold in Buffett's view. His biggest issue is the fact that gold is just so worthless. Not in the value someone is willing to pay for an ounce of it, but in its ability to create wealth. In Buffett's opinion, gold is lazy and has no place in an investor's portfolio.

Lazy, good-for-nothing ...

Buffett hammered on gold in his 2011 shareholder letter calling it an "unproductive asset." He said that assets like gold "will never produce anything, but are purchased in the buyer's hope that someone else will pay more for them in the future." He went on to say that the owners of assets like gold "are not inspired by what the asset itself can produce -- it will remain lifeless forever -- but by the belief that others will desire it even more avidly in the future." The problem with gold is that it has two major insurmountable shortcomings.

It is "neither of much use nor procreative" according to Buffett. While he does allow for the caveat that gold has some small industrial and decorative use, the demand for either purpose is insufficient to use up all of the gold we are digging out of the ground just to hide it away again is a bank vault. However, his bigger issue with gold is that it can't be used to produce anything of value. Its value rises and falls based on what someone else is willing to pay for it, not based on its ability to generate income for its owner.

Productivity builds wealth, not gold Buffett ends his diatribe on gold in that letter by contrasting it to the productive assets he prefers: Today the world's gold stock is about 170,000 metric tons. If all of this gold were melded together, it would form a cube of about 68 feet per side. (Picture it fitting comfortably within a baseball infield.) At $1,127 per ounce, its value would be about $9.6 trillion. Call this cube pile A.

Let's now create a pile B costing an equal amount. For that, we could buy all U.S. cropland (400 million acres with output of about $200 billion annually), plus 16 ExxonMobil's (the world's most profitable company, one earning more than $40 billion annually). After these purchases, we would have about $1 trillion left over for walking-around money (no sense feeling strapped after this buying binge).

Can you imagine an investor with $9.6 trillion selecting pile A over pile B? And yet, investors still do choose gold over these productive assets all the time. Assets that will be producing corn and cotton and oil and gas for longer than any of our lifespans. Meanwhile, the gold will be unmoved and still incapable of producing anything.

To wit Buffett said, "You can fondle the cube, but it will not respond." Don't be fooled by gold There's a real good reason why Warren Buffett hates gold. One who buys gold is hoping for the greater fool to buy it from them for a higher price at some future date. But that's not investing -- it's gambling. Instead, Buffett seeks to surround himself with assets that are constantly producing value.

Income that flows through the business is reinvested in new lines of business that go on to produce more income. It's a never-ending cycle where new wealth is created each and every year.

It takes advantage of the wonders of compounding income and leaves behind the folly of being allured by a lazy, good-for-nothing, shiny object. Show less


Thanks for help guys, my friend invested with austen morris and lost his money. Its only after reading your blog that I asked around and found out they are really a bunch of cowboys with no qualifications and unregulated.


Read some comments on the Generali Vision that Austen Morris are working with and draw your own cinclusion, this is a few of many dissatisfied customers.


austen morris??????surely you heard alarm bells when you heard the name?how the *** did you keep a straight face????

to riley elf #792775

You mean Austin Morris or?

By the way read this posting from CIRC wher Austen Morris are mentioned among others

to riley elf #792776

Read this

to riley elf Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark #792979

Read this from CIRC where among others Austen Morris are mentioned.

Copenhagen, Capital Region Of Denmark, Denmark #784543

Yes you are right but how can we get justice?

to ***cer Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #785822

an interesting way:

see those articles... some journalist are working on exposing those companies... can be contacted...



to ***cer Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #785823

some journalists are working on exposing those practices in HK and possibly in china, see South China morning post. DeVere has been exposed already for similar things. can be contacted.

to ellie #785929

That sounds good, I will check that and find out how our case might be of help inorder to nail this people.

to ***cer Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #786138

Shanghai, Shanghai, China #784450

Ah again another one... we are so many in this case.... AMA are nothing but crooks...


Great to know!


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