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Feb 28
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Beware of Matthew Beale who has been arrested at Austen Morris Associates in Shanghai, China.Matthew beale caused the collaspe of the Austen Morris Associates Beijing office last year due to his un-ethical conduct and fraud investigation by the Chinese authorities.

He was *** enough to believe the owners at Austen Morris and moved to Shanghai to carry on his activities until his main ***-man William Coppin (banned in the UK by FCA, please google) was caught by the police in Shanghai money laundering over 3 Million USD through the Austen Morris South Africa office. Matthew Beale was arrested again but this time run on bail to the UK. The Chinese authorities are looking for him and the serious fraud office. He will have his story of innocence but the reality is his a smooth talking criminal who has abrupty had his long run at Austen Morris brought to an end because yet another fraud investigation.

If you are approached by him beware he will STEAL your money , ruin your company REPUTATION and it will be FRAUD!He could show up in the UK, South Africa or China!!

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True Bachelor

Jun 19 Orange, California

@John, William Scamer Coppin, that guy is a joke. He was arrested in UK long time ago then was kicked out of UK. He has scammed millions of dollars in middle east and them came to China continuing his scamming career. hahaha by the way he has never been to even high school. Just be aware of Austen Morris and people they have hired. ALL SCAMMERS!!!!

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The Truth

May 10 Amsterdam, North Holland

Anyone who worked at Austen Morris Associates would know that Matthew beale failed miserably as a financial advisor and was given the manager role buy Greg Morris the owner and "godfather of fraud" because none of the others wanted it at the company, they are all slick salesman and Matthew Beale needed the lifeline. Managing the fraudster William Coppin was the tip of the ice berg, its common knowledge that Matthew Beale falsified paperwork for William Coppin and many others because his a crook himself. This guy was a real parasite and was stuck in his world of arorgance and illegal earnings... he now states his a business transformation specialist....hilarious!! Yes he will transform your business and rob you blind...after working in an illegal offshore company like Austen Morris Associates these jokers think they are legitimate profesionals, well for Matthew Beale his at home story above just outlines that his not successful and unemployed if its true...the Austen Morris team is withered down further because all there "So Called" best people are leaving...but they dont mind because they will always find some poor expat to mis-sell, steal or *** into there plastic offices. Matthew Beale is being investegsted by the FCA and will soon be prosecuted. R.I.P another criminal at Austen Morris Associates.

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Mar 01

To the Original Poster
This is just totally unfounded poppycock. Arrested, Shanghai police, 3 million dollars, on bail, Chinese authorities, and my favourite of all the Seriouse Fraud Squad, what a load of tosh! Matthew is actually at home having a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich around now.
Shame on the original poster for writing such utter rubbish and trying to discredit a genuinely kind hearted father of three. How would you feel if someone posted outright lies about you without a shred of evidence or proof. This will stay here now for eternity for Matthew's wife and children to read, you are a disgrace to yourself and this industry.
How is it possible that this gripe-site can allow such personal attacks without any kind of procedure, log-in, registration or evidence, again disgraceful.
There will be serious consequences for the poster and I personally hope that your stomach is now knotting up, what goes around comes around and this time you have overstepped the mark.
For the record there is absolutely no truth in regards to what has been posted about Matthew Beale, there is NOTHING on line and also NO documents at all stating this utter rubbish written about Matthew on the entire world-wide web. Matthew has been in the business for 10 + years without a blemish on his record either personally or regarding his work. Obviously in a month or two there still will not be a shred of evidence regarding the original post and that will prove that all of this is
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Mar 03 Shanghai, Shanghai

You didn't mention anything about William Coppin employed by Austen Morris(banned in the UK by FCA, please Google... What a disgrace for the company that you support "Mr Liam".
I don't know what Matthew Beale did, but I know how Austen Morris partners live well on suffering of others, Mean, client and employes as well.
One can't show off in Shanghai driving fancy Porsche, own multi million dollar apartment in Xin Tien D, while his client neighbor get his saving plan for kid education from AMA collapsing badly.

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Feb 28 Calgary, Alberta

See former AMA leader Panicko Lawrence's new facebook page?
8,000 likes in 9 weeks?
Funny that 100% of the likes are coming from ISTANBUL TURKEY.
If AMA's former leader is acting this stupidity, imagine how bad they are handling your money!@??
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, his new clients are so phucked.

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